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(Boys / Girls)

Program & Registration Information

Start Date: Year Round Program
End Date: Year Round Program
Program Fee: $85 per month

  • Year round training program for players.
  • 1 Training Session per week.
  • During the summer months the program may offer additional training sessions at no additional cost.
  • Academy team plays more than 20 games per year.
  • Training kits are included in the registration fee.
  • Official Match uniforms are returned upon request.
  • Registration fees are paid monthly and players can opt out of the program at any time.
  • Program accepts a maximum of 15 players.
  • Players can request a tryout and join at any point during the year, based on roster availability.

This program offers an optional 2nd training day each week and additional games for participants upon request. For more information Contact: soccer@orixsports.com

Request Your Tryout Today

Orix does not offer open tryouts. A player can request an individual tryout at any point in the program year at no cost. The player will be invited to train with the program for a minimum of 1 week before a determination is made on whether they are a good fit for the program.
To request a tryout, please click below