Orix Refund Policy


U9-U13 League Programs / U21 Orix FC

  • No refund after the first game for our U9-U13 League Programs and U21 Orix FC.
  • Orix Academy reserves the right to cancel a program due to insufficient registrations and will issue a full refund to participants.

U14 Juniors / U16 Juniors
No pro-rated refunds after withdrawing from the program beyond the first day of the month.

Orix Academy will only provide pro-rated refunds for the following:
1) Players absent from Orix training and games for more than 14 days due to an injury that occurred during an Orix activity.
2) Players who have not participated in a Orix training or game for 30 days or more.
3) If the academy does not conduct an on-field session or game for 10 days or more.