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Orix Academy was a wonderful experience for me. My time in the program helped take me from a youth soccer level to a University level player. Orix Academy helped me excel and improve my technical skills, as well as my understanding of the game. Coach Ray explained the game to me in ways I had never seen before. Orix helped develop leadership and communication skills which have helped me on and off the pitch. Through training sessions, tactical sessions, and game review I improved both physically and mentally.
Orix Academy also helped me off the soccer field. Coach Ray helped me attain coaching opportunities as well as numerous volunteer positions. Orix Academy also helped me create a highlight tape, and a CV to send to University Coaches. Coach Ray is a very personable coach, who always makes an effort to know his players. Coach Ray always took the time to communicate with me and other players.
Orix Academy was an incredible experience for me and one I won’t forget.

Connor Legge
University of Victoria
U Sports, Canada

Orix has helped me go from playing in my local youth league, to earning a scholarship to play at the CIS university level. I played with the academy for two years, and those two years were crucial to my development as a player. Our team was lucky enough to travel to Sweden to compete in the 2018 Gothia Cup. That tournament was an experience I am very grateful for and will never forget!

Jordano Pinto
University of British Columbia
U Sports, Canada

ORIX Academy offered me one of a kind training that is focused on not only developing technical skills, but also understanding the philosophy of the game. I was able to develop my leadership and technical skills because of the plethora of game opportunities and training sessions.
Thanks to Ray and ORIX, I am proud to say that I received a scholarship to play on the Langara College Mens Soccer Team. ORIX regularly schedules games against post secondary soccer teams so players can showcase their abilities to the teams directly. Through ORIX, my teammates and I were also able to achieve a once in a lifetime opportunity by playing in Sweden at the Gothia Cup. The Gothia Cup is sometimes referred to as “the Youth World Cup”, and I was able to play against teams from all around the world thanks to ORIX.
Ray’s commitment to educating, developing, and offering opportunities to players were just some of the reasons why playing at ORIX was a life changing experience for me!

Sivan Prasad
Langara College
Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association

Orix Academy has been one of the best development programs I have ever been a part of. Orix has helped me develop not only as a better soccer athlete but also a better leader. Orix Academy focuses on providing the best training at the highest level. Trainings such as fitness, tactical, and film sessions which improve not only our physical body, but makes us stronger mentally. Orix had given me the opportunity in joining to achieve my goal of receiving a scholarship in college. With the help of Coach Ray I had received a scholarship for the Langara College soccer team.

Orix academy is a great academy because it focuses on players and what they do off the field. Giving us opportunities such as coaching and volunteer work, this helps us grow as individuals in this community. The hard work coach Ray put into this academy is mind blowing. The time he takes out to work on each player and help them grow to become the best version of themselves. The connection he has with the players is incredible. Coach Ray takes time out of his day to communicate daily with players and what they believe needs to improve or needs to be worked on as a team. He has always been the coach who looks for improvement and that’s what makes this academy amazing.

Orix Academy isn’t just a soccer team, it’s a family. We got the opportunity to play in Sweden and take part in the Gothia Cup which was a life changing experience. Orix academy had fundraisers which all players and family came together to help making this Gothia Cup experience possible. Till this day I am training with coach Ray and I still find room for improvement which is why Orix Academy is an academy that I highly recommend to upcoming soccer athletes.

Anmol Randhawa
Langara College
Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association

Since I was 13 years old, Ray Goldenchild has helped me reach my goal of getting a full ride scholarship in the USA. He has experience as a collegiate athlete himself, and knows exactly what coaches expect from players in terms of technical abilities and fitness levels. He ensured that I understood how to play the game in addition to improving my soccer skills. He taught me how to communicate with potential schools, and helped me throughout my entire recruiting process. Ray has pushed me mentally and physically to go from a bronze house league goalkeeper to a starting Division 1 goalkeeper.

Kylee Seto
LA TECH Univsersity
NCAA Division 1, USA

Hi Ray! I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for me. You have helped me get my confidence back and then some. You helped me to further develop my skills. And, most importantly, you believed I could get to this point, even when I didn’t believe it myself. Thank you for that. And now look where I am now! I have been offered a full ride scholarship to Alcorn State. I could not have done it without Team ORIX.

Rachel Lee
Alcorn State University, NCAA Division 1, USA
University of Lethbridge – U Sports, Canada

Attending the Orix Free Agent Pro Combines has been a great opportunity for my club. We thank Ray and Orix for providing us the access to scout top free agent talent in Canada and the United States.

Henrik Gundersen
Head Coach, BK FREM
2nd Division, Denamrk